ExHighTech (2011)

Daniel Davidovsky’s work, ExHighTech, is part of his ongoing process of creating sound devices from inexpensive sources.
ExHighTech utilizes disposed technical devices, such as old computer parts and peripherals, obsolete digital cameras, cell phones and a diverse range of powered toys and gadgets, amplifying their electro-magnetic field and improvising and interacting between them in real time.

Old Chant (2011)

The piece "Old Chant" is played by violin player Yael Barolsky and Daniel Davidovsky on a 4-track cassete tape device and amplified electro-magnetic fields. At the beginning of the piece an old Hebrew song is played on the tape which in time is deconstructed and rebuilt in a nostalgic but conflictive mood -reflecting somehow the conflictive cultural and political reality in Israel.

Lo-Kalit (2009)

"Lo Kalit" is an electro-acoustic composition for recorded voices (refugees testimonials) and four saxophones.
Reflecting its social content, the piece is comprised of a small circle of saxophone players surrounded by a larger circle of audience, who are in turn, surrounded by a sound system.


Toxicon is a lo-fi-dark-pop project by Zohar Shafir (a.k.a NicoTeen) and Daniel Davidovsky.
The peculiar sound of this duo is based on 80's low-end synths, analogue drum machines, tapes and voices.