The New Trio

Free Jazz/Improv new trio with: Yoav Zohar –  drums and balafon, Shai Ran – double bass, Davidovsky – sop sax and electronics, first show at Hanut 31, Tel Aviv, listen here:


30 Spokes

“30 Spokes” is a composition for four celli recorded onto four audio cassettes. The cello players have received an “offline” score that has been executed and recorded individually. During the concert each player plays its own recorded stuff following the “online” score for 4 audio cassettes. Composed by Daniel Davidovsky Performed by Musica Nova Ensemble […]



EFT’s music is based on the spontaneous improvisational language created by the trio. This language incorporates elements of Noise, Free Jazz, Rock and contemporary electronic music, thus creating an immense sound and wild textural layers.



Bolts is a trio project that has begun spontaneously on stage and since then it keeps rolling slowly, no rush.
Yoni Silver on bass clarinet, Ofer Bymel on drums and Daniel Davidovsky on amplified bicycle.