Lo-Kalit (2009)

“Lo Kalit” is an electro-acoustic composition for recorded voices (refugees testimonials) and four saxophones.
Reflecting its social content, the piece is comprised of a small circle of saxophone players surrounded by a larger circle of audience, who are in turn, surrounded by a sound system.
“Lo Kalit” deals with the tension within refugees (considered here as the output) and the receptor, the society in which the refugees attempt to get accepted.
The presence of the refugees voices is considered as “pollution”, voices out of context, from people who don”t belong to the group, and who threaten the order of society and the patterned work represented here by the sax players.
The Piece “Lo Kalit” has not been released yet.

For full description of the work, please check out the pdf file below.

Lo-Kalit – full description (pdf)

preliminar- voice-score