ExHighTech (2011)

Daniel Davidovsky's work, ExHighTech, is part of his ongoing process of creating sound devices from inexpensive sources.
ExHighTech utilizes disposed technical devices, such as old computer parts and peripherals, obsolete digital cameras, cell phones and a diverse range of powered toys and gadgets, amplifying their electro-magnetic field and improvising and interacting between them in real time.

The work is based upon to two independent aspects. The first relates to the hidden sounds that surround us in our super-accessorized lives. Unheard sounds are emitted from these adults toys, gear and accessories which are in fact small radiation machines sited in our pockets, bags and desks. While we don't yet know the health and environmental consequences of the use of such devices, is quite obvious that our lives wouldn't be the same without them. In his work, Davidovsky approaches these apparatus out of their context and their main purposes utilizing them purely as electro-magnetic field generators that are transduced into rich soundscapes.

The second aspect focuses on the ephemeral life cycle of the tech devices we use to have. Cell phones, computers, cameras and music players quickly become “old” and obsolete after just a couple of years. As such, the human drive to produce better, faster, skinnier devices is unstoppable, as is the growing amount of technological waste derived from this process. Thus, the status accessories of today are the technological garbage of tomorrow. ExHighTech as a body of work embodies an intrinsic critical view of this consumer culture.

Daniel Davidovsky's ExHighTech is made up of powered devices collected from the streets or abandoned as ‘useless’ and thrown to the back of a random drawer, breathing into the wasted “ex-high-tech”, a new lo-tech, yet sustainable exciting life force.

Daniel_Davidovsky_ExHighTech (pdf)