Old Chant (2011)

The idea of “Old Chant” was born from listening to recordings of “New Hebrew Music” from the “30s.  A time of re-birth of Hebrew language and culture in Palestine, prior to the foundation of the State of Israel, when Hebrew poetry was melted with Arabic-Orientalist musical styles and Eastern European Hassidic singing.

The piece “Old Chant” is played by violin player Yael Barolsky and Daniel Davidovsky on a 4-track cassete tape device and amplified electro-magnetic fields.  At the beginning of the piece an old Hebrew song is played on the tape which in time is deconstructed and rebuilt in a nostalgic but conflictive mood – reflecting, somehow, the conflictive cultural and political reality of Israel.

“Old Chant” was presented at the 7th Tapes Festival in Zimmer Art Space – Tel Aviv