UTI#2 – A Sound Approach to Instability (2008)

UTI#2 is a piece composed in 2008 , after a car accident in which my parents were injured. The time spent with my parents, swinging between life and death in the Intensive Care Unit caused a strong impact on me. This experience as served as a trigger to this composition.
The piece UTI#2 was commissioned by the Audio Art Festival and premiered that year in a four concerts tour in Poland in the cities of Krakow, Warsaw, Bytom and Gdynia.
Full Description of the work follows.


A sound approach to instability

Daniel Davidovsky plays on a system based on unstable elements. The common denominator of these elements is the use of audio feedback and the disruption of conventions.
Davidovsky uses an idiom of his own by playing the soprano saxophone in an unstable fashion, “feedbacking” and forcing the instrument to do what it doesn”t mean to do; approaching to it as a metal pipe in the hands (and the mouth) of the composer.

This work transits between different layers: the material layer (metal pipe and ceramic plate) and their sonic properties and the language layer. Spanish, English and Hebrew are mixed up, coming out as a single flow; an improvised speech of ritualistic texts merging into the music as a metaphor of instability.
There are many ways of looking at this work: the collective view, social and politic, in first term, since Davidovsky lives the last 20 years in the tragic reality of Israel where the instability is an existential question, literally, and not only a philosophical issue. Then the individual and psychological aspect, when Davidovsky deals with his condition of immigrant and the blurring process of the cultural appropriations, the mother tongue and the memories which move in an oneiric way to that certain point where history and reality turn less tangible.

As a summary, this work concludes with field recordings that Davidovsky has recorded with a cellular phone at the Intensive Care Unit where his parents have been hospitalized after a traffic accident.
The work is an improvised composition with a given structure (movements) and fixed references. The general color of the composition transits from reductionism to drones to dense mass of noise.

The system:
Audio mixer
Ceramic Plate with contact mic attached and accessories
Amplified Walkie Talkie toy
Soprano sax
Audio Player

UTI#2 – full text (pdf)