daniel davidovsky
Daniel Davidovsky is a composer, sound artist and improviser.
Davidovsky’s main instruments are the soprano saxophone and a variety of custom electronic and electro-acoustic systems, such as an amplified bicycle, the feedback-saxophone , and many others. He has performed in numerous venues in Israel and in many festivals and venues across the US and Europe, including C.sides fest. in Berlin, Cafe Oto in London, Colors Out of Space Festival in Brighton, Audio Art Festival in Poland, Studio Loos in Haag, Blurred Edges Fest in Hamburg, Les Digitales Festival in Lausanne, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, and Spectrum NYC.
As a sound artist, Davidovsky has exhibited his works at Haifa museum of Art and the Zimmer Project Room in Tel Aviv. He is a member of two active groups: The New Trio and EFT with which has been touring in Europe the last two years and released three albums under the NYC based label OutNow Recordings. Their work has been reviewed in The Wire,, AvantMusicNews (2011 Best Of List), The New York City Jazz Records and many dedicated blogs.
Over the past few years, Davidovsky has developed and taught a unique series of workshops on electro-acoustic improvisation using amplified objects for musicians, teachers and young students, focusing on creativity, mutual listening and egalitarian communication.
CV: daniel_davidovsky_cv2013